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Discover Cascade Business Partners

Cascade Business Partners is the name that covers 3 websites.




The first one is the original affiliate shopping web site with 24 storefronts giving you access to 1000’s of products and gifts.  Changes to that site are far and few between.  With that in mind I created cascadebusinesspartners.net, essentially the same except changes can be made quickly.  That means time sensitive sales and discounts can be published quickly giving shopper updates with instantaneous information about specials, deals and discounts to the many products within those two web sites.

The third web site is Mollys Business.  cmjmolly.com.  This one started as a site chronicallying the growing up of my Border Collie, Molly.  Eventually along with the stories of her adventures we added videos, mostly of Molly but some of interest to others.

Additionally we added a store for the pet oriented shopper and a page about care of your dog, updated as best I can.

So, I hope you will cruise through these sites, become familiar with them and join my mailing list for updates on sales and discounts, new take- care- of- your- dog articles and allow me to send information on new products and time sensitive sales with the contact forms you will find on all three sites.