What we can do for you

Cascade business Partners is borne by a passion for keeping everyday shoppers in the know with regards to the Web’s best deals and discounts including time sensitive sales on household goods, entertainments, jewelry, educational toys.

I usually publish sales and discounts the same day as I receive them to give you time to compare prices, quality and shipping costs.

Along with Cascadebusinesspartners.net there is cmjmolly.com, a pet oriented website started as a site to watch my Border Collie grow up and some of her adventures.

Discover Cascade Business Partners.

If you enjoy dogs, especially Border Collies, there are many photos of Molly from 8 weeks and updated periodically.  Molly is very photogenic (that’s from a preview written by me).  She has a store on her site along with short video clips of varied interest, a page with hints, ideas and products to care for your pets, printable coupons and alerts to good sales and discounts pertaining to pets.

We here at Cascadebusinesspartners.net hope you will follow and write to us occasionally just to chat.


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